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Predator Hunting Trips

489 Outfitters that offer Predator Hunting Trips found.The offseason can be a restless time. Predator hunts are a great excuse to sharpen your hunting knives and throw on your boots. Book a coyote hunt in Arizona, go alligator hunting in the everglades or pursue wolves in Canada and help restore some balance to the ecosystem.
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Lapham Outfitters
Big Game Hunts in MontanaFrom $500.00 to $4,100.00

Jackson • HUNTING: We offer 7 day Big Game combination hunts for elk and deer! As well as specialized antelope and moose hunts! Hunting accommodations are in cabins here at the ranch and meals are provided when you are staying with us. We have 7,000 acres of our own land and we also utilize the national forest land behind our ranch. During the big game hunts we use 4-wheel drives to access the hunt areas and all the hunting is done on foot. We also use 4-wheel drives on our fishing and varmint hunting trips. We use our horses and mules for packing out big game in the fall, but no horse hunting is involved.

White River Guide Service
Nevada Trophy HuntsFrom $2,000.00 to $6,500.00

Ely • There is nothing like hunting Elk in the rut! NV archery hunts start in mid August and run through the middle of September. These hunts are truly awesome to say the least. Nevada rifle hunts take place in November with an early hunt and a late hunt. Trophy Mule Deer are probably the most sought after big game trophy right now. Monster mule deer are tough to find and even tougher to harvest. We hunt the best trophy units. These units will typically produce bucks in the 180" range, but they also have the ability to produce giant bucks. We have world class hunts for Mountain Lions! If you have ever wanted the opportunity to harvest a lion, now is the time to make it happen. Nevada has some BIG cats and with over 25 years of hunting them, we are very confident that we can make it happen for you. Antelope hunts in our areas are really low pressure, fun hunts. We have plenty of bucks and most units can produce bucks in the 80" range.

Red Bluff Lodge
Alligator HuntsFrom $1,250.00 to $4,250.00

South Carolina, United States • Red Bluff Lodge was founded in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. We are located in one of the most pristine hunting regions in the country, in the heart of the lowcountry of South Carolina. Our focus is on customer satisfaction coupled with an understanding of wildlife management. We strive to provide our hunting guests with their greatest opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, hog and alligator on some 4,000 acres under management. We are South Carolina's only full service lodge offering alligator hunts in all four public alligator hunting units, and a variety of private lands we have under management. Red Bluff Lodge's owner, Jim Boone, is a United States Coast Guard (USCG) licensed captain and has been hunting alligators since the inception of the season in 2007. Our customers have enjoyed a 90% success rate!

LL DD Ranch & Outfitters
Predator Hunting in TexasFrom $250.00 to $1,500.00

Texas • Here at LL DD Ranch and Outfitters we offer great predator hunting from coyotes, bobcats and foxes, we will be hunting along the beautiful Rio Grande where these predators love to hang out! Our hunts will consist of long nights and early mornings calling for all types of predators on wide open farm lands and pastures as well as the beautiful but rugged country! With high temperatures all year round our desert comes to life when the sun goes down so com on down and join us on a memorable predator hunt when the desert truly comes to life!

Monster Whitetail Outfitters
Bobcat/Coyote Predator hunting at its finest!From $1,000.00 to $1,000.00

Unionville • Large and healthy population of bobcats and coyote in this particular area of the Midwest! We'll do whatever is needed in order to get the job done. Whether its night calling, day calling or even hunting over a fresh gut pile, we can do it all! You may hunt additional days for a pro-rated rate

Wild Eyez Outfitters
Mountain Lion Hunting with a Houndsman in Central UtahStarting from $3,000.00

Manti • Our Mountain Lion Hunt on the Manti-LaSal National Forest includes 1:1 Guide/Houndsman for up to 5 of your season dates. We have an extremely good Houndsman with a high success rate. He maintains a pursuit permit every year and even when he is not chasing Lions for Clients he is chasing them to train his hounds and to find the big Toms. This Guide Service is offered to Clients that draw a L.E. Cougar Permit from Nov. - Feb. and Harvest Objective Clients (over-the-counter) from Mar. - May. We include field processing and extraction of your Lion once you have punched your tag and we also include a video of your hunt for you to relive and share your adventure once your time with us is over.

Bobcat Hunting with Houndsman in UtahStarting from $3,000.00

Manti • Our Bobcat Hunting Guide Service on the Manti LaSal includes a 1:1 Guide (Houndsman) for up to 5 of your season dates. We have an extremely good Houndsman with a high success rate who will primarily conduct this hunt. He maintains a pursuit permit every year so that even when he isn't chasing Cats for Clients he is chasing them to keep his Hounds fresh. We include field processing and extraction of your Bobcat once you have punched your tag. Permits can be purchased over the counter starting in October of each year until they are sold out. We also include a video of your hunt for you to relive your adventure once your time with us is over.

York Outfitters
Elk, Bear, Deer, Mt. Lion HuntsFrom $1,200.00 to $6,800.00

Idaho • We hunt our resident Mule Deer bucks in the wilderness as a combination with our Elk hunts or individually with any weapon. Our Spring Black Bear Hunts are adventurous and exciting in a unique way. Our Elk hunts are done in the back country with horses and mules. We have an early September hunt with any weapon when the bulls are bugling. The Mountain Lion is a magnificent trophy, but an extremely elusive animal requiring the aid of well-trained hounds. I raise and train my own dogs, to insure the best dependable dogs. Following these hounds as they work the trail is an action packed experience you will never forget.

Raging Point Outfitters, LLC
Arizona Predator Night HuntsFrom $400.00 to $700.00

Payson • Experience a true Arizona predator pursuit like none other in the southwest! Join us for your next custom tailored predator Night Hunt in the Heart of Arizona! Call us today 928-978-4943.

Arizona Predator HuntsStarting from $400.00

Payson • Experience a true Arizona predator pursuit like none other in the southwest!. We specialize in grey fox, bobcat, & coyote hunts. Join us for your next predator Day or Night Hunt in the Heart of Arizona! Call us today 928-978-4943

Arizona OTC Mountain Lion HuntingFrom $5,975.00 to $7,350.00

Payson • Raging Point Outfitters is located just below the Mogollon Rim - a 7,000-foot, 200-mile-long playground for all serious trophy mountain lion hunters in Arizona. Book today by calling Anthony at 928-978-4943.

Aylmer Lake Lodge
Arctic Wolf Hunting in Northwest TerritoriesStarting from $8,000.00

Northwest Territories • Arctic Wolf / Wolverine Hunts The wolf is a signature statement in any trophy room. This is a pinnacle hunt, you are seeking to successfully hunt one of the most cunning apex predators in Canada. The Arctic wolf is the premier wolf in the wolf species. The hide on these wolves is simply stunning. Expect to travel many miles by snowmobile in sleds each day with your guides looking for fresh wolf sign. When the pack is located it is not uncommon to be able to harvest more than one animal. The areas we hunt are so remote that the wolves rarely if ever see humans.       Wolf hunts are tough…maybe the toughest hunt out there. Wolves are an apex predator that is cunning and survives by its wits and stamina. To be successful you will need a lot of stamina and patience. Our Territory Our area is located in the northern barren-lands region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. We are located past the boreal forest into the barren-lands, that are renown for their giant lakes and river drainage that makes for a game rich environment. The wolf population on the barren-lands is high with populations estimated in the thousands. You will be remote, which puts you in the heart of where these majestic arctic wolves live. All of our Lodges lie within the Northwest Territory CLOSED caribou zone. The winter Mobile Bathurst Caribou closed Zone (the closed mobile zone moves with the caribou migration). Caribou are a main food source and the wolves follow the caribou herds. This is a prime area for arctic wolves and wolverines. The Hunt This is a spot and stalk hunt, which means you'll be glassing areas that have central barren-land caribou. The wolves follow the caribou, we find the caribou and the wolves will be near. You will be out hunting for ten hours a day. What to Expect Long hours travelling and glassing for wolves, you will need to come prepared mentally for long periods of sitting glassing. Absolutely ensure you are dressed appropriately to stay warm. Staying focused for the duration raises your opportunity of success to 75% success on a shot opportunity. The thrill of a success on harvesting a wolf in the depth of winter is exhilarating. Getting Here Your starting destination city is Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. You will need to fly into Yellowknife the day before on an early flight. You must attend the Environment and Natural Resources Office in Yellowknife to purchase your Wildlife certificate and your hunting license. The next day you will be boarding a charter flight that will fly you into the lodge to begin your hunt. We work to book early morning flights so that you are into camp to get your rifles shot and get you settled into camp and out on the Tundra hunting. Once you arrive at the charter plane your trip begins. Your flight is approximately two hours and you need to dress warm for the flight. Hunt Schedule All of our wolf hunts are minimum 8 full days of hunting. Once you leave on the charter flight begin to look for animals out your windows they are there and it's exciting to see the activity. When you arrive into camp you will sight in your rifle and get your gear organized. We will have a safety meeting and discuss the trip and answer any questions. Breakfast will be at 6:00am till 7:00am leaving the lodge at 8:00am. Lunch will be a bagged lunch with snacks, with thermoses and water for the day. Evenings will have you back at the lodge by 7:00pm for a hot supper, in warm accommodations and then after supper there is socializing. There will be opportunity to view the Aurora Borealis in the evenings and we encourage you to take it in. The NWT are recognized as having spectacular northern lights and you will have zero light pollution. Hunt Price $8,000.00 plus GST USD Hunt Dates: 2023/2024 2023 Feb 23 - March 3 March 3 - March 10 March 10 - March 17 March 17 - March 24 2024 Feb 23 - March 3 March 3 - March 10 March 10 - March 17 March 17 - March 24 Addition Details You are hunting 2 hunters to 1 guide What's Included: Airport transport for pick up and drop off (set time) Transport to the ski plane dock for pre scheduled chartered flight to lodge Pick up from plane straight to Environment and Natural Resources office to register your wolves and get permit to export. Professional Guide Warm Lodging and Meals Trophy care (Skinned and Salted) Not Included: Commercial flights in and out of Yellowknife Hotels before and after hunt You must bring Collapsible dry bag coolers to take your hide and skull back with you. Don't expect to buy them in Yellowknife. Gratuities (15%) Trophy permit for export and shipment fees Flight to leave camp for other than scheduled flights Due to fluctuating fuel costs, a fuel surcharge maybe applicable Current price listed above, prices are subject to change You must purchase medical evacuation insurance we use Global Rescue we have them on our website. You must purchase cancellation insurance Optional: Rifle rental $250.00 USD Non hunter/observer - $750.00 USD per day

Tenderfoot Outfitters
Winter Predator HuntsStarting from $300.00

Gunnison • Due to the increasing number of predators in the area, and a growing interest in predator hunting, we are now offering winter predator hunts. Our area is loaded with coyotes, and the occasional red fox and bobcat, that we entice into rifle and shotgun range with electronic callers and a wide assortment of mouth calls. These hunts are fast paced, thrilling, and sure to get the adrenaline flowing. We offer 8-9 hour day hunts on public and private land using pickups and ATVs to access the calling areas. Hunts run from December 1st - February 28th and include a guide/caller, transportation, a sack lunch, and snacks. The required Colorado small-game license will also allow you to hunt a variety of rabbits, prairie dogs, and ravens. The coyote is one of the main predators of deer fawns and elk calves in the area, so come harvest some coyotes and save a deer and elk!!

O'Brien Creek Outfitters
High quality northern Wyoming Mountain Lion huntsFrom $1,500.00 to $7,000.00

Thermopolis • Come enjoy the Mountains of Northern Wyoming while following a pack of highly trained hounds in pursuit of your trophy mountain lion! These are 7 day hunts conducted using four wheel drive vehicles, side by sides, and or snowmobiles. Accommodations will vary depending on where we decide to hunt but will be all modern accommodations with all amenities and all meals are included. These hunts are priced at $6,250.00 + license and tax. Travel and taxidermy fees are not included in the hunt price.

Great Plains Outfitters, LLC (GPO)
Great Plains Outfitters HuntsFrom $1,100.00 to $8,000.00

Wyoming, United States • Great Plains Outfitters is a full-time outfitting company. We pride ourselves on providing quality hunts for quality people. Our dedicated staff has many years experience in the outdoors. We offer public and private ground hunts. Our public ground hunts take place on the millions of acres of National Forest that Wyoming has to offer. Our private ground hunts occur on some of the best Whitetail and Mule Deer habitat in the West. Your hunt will include accommodations and transportation during your hunt, with meals, trophy and meat care also included. Your hunt price is for one guide for two hunters, one on one hunts can be arranged in advance.

Predator/Varmint HuntsStarting from $300.00

Wyoming • Great Plains Outfitters is a full-time outfitting company. We pride ourselves on providing quality hunts for quality people. Our dedicated staff has many years experience in the outdoors. We offer public and private ground hunts.

Western Oklahoma Trophy Outfitters
Quality Whitetail Deer, includes Buck, Doe & Hog!From $300.00 to $3,500.00

Olustee • 150+ average. Free Range. 30,000 acres. Our whitetail genetics are extremely unique giving our bucks big bodies, big racks and a number of stickers and kickers, splits, and even droptines. Not only are our deer unique, but their habitat is unique as well. Our farms range from the deep Red River valley to the wide open mesquite flats and wheat fields and all the way into the valleys of the Wichita Mountain Range. Your hunt includes lodging, meals, game care, assistance with game recovery and multiple pre-scouted set-ups. We are after deer that score over 140", the bigger the better! Many outfitters are known to try and "hold out" bucks, to save big deer etc, we do not. The biggest buck that is consistently showing up on camera is the one we are after with who hunts with us. We know that if we do not kill the biggest buck, someone else down the road or even worse, road hunters will, so we hunt hard and try our best to get our guys the biggest bucks possible!

Predator, Varmint & Hog hunts with WOTOFrom $250.00 to $3,500.00

Faxon • It's no secret that our country's predator population has skyrocketed over recent years. And our premier area of Oklahoma is no different. Oklahoma coyote and bobcat population has absolutely exploded over a short amount of time which has, in turn, created a huge opportunity for hunters all across the country to come harvest some nice big bobcats and coyotes. The varmint hunting opportunities at WOTO are top notch. The Oklahoma coyote population is extremely dense and must be dealt with in order for our whitetail deer and turkey population to thrive. We also have a very healthy population of bobcats that would make a wonderful trophy in any lodge or home. With over thirty thousand acres to hunt, there are plenty of areas to have the ultimate predator hunt. Our standard predator hunts are semi guided, which means we take you to and from the properties and give you a lay out on where to hunt from set to set, however we do offer self-guided hunts upon request. Facilities are avai

Venture North Outfitting
Guided Predator HuntingFrom $2,250.00 to $4,500.00

Alberta • Guided Coyote Predator Hunting Venture North Outfitting offers 3 or 6 day full-service Guided Coyote Predator Hunts. With Coyote populations higher than ever in the Parkland/Prairie Region of Central Alberta, we can offer you great shooting opportunities. Using the most up-to-date calling techniques and decoys, it's not uncommon to have multiple dogs come in to a single stand set. Come see what Central Alberta Coyote Hunting is all about. Predator (Coyote) Hunts begin Dec 1

Wilderness Outfitter Productions or  WildOutPro
Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Oryx, Ibex, Barbary SheepFrom $1,500.00 to $5,500.00

Farmington • Elk hunts range from Chama NM to the Gila country and over to the Ruidoso area. State wide units offer many great hunting opportunities. Our guides will be out looking for good bulls and listening to "the call of the wild." Many hunts offer hunts in or near the rut season and locating your quarry and slipping into the vital range with any weapon is a thrill we want you to encounter. Rifle and Muzzle loader hunts are 5 days and archery hunts are 7 days in most areas. The North West New Mexico Mule Deer bucks that reside in our public and private lands offer some of the best mule deer hunting in the Western states. The native lands that surround our Mule Deer Units have world class hunting and when these bucks migrate into the wintering area you can bet we will be glassing up some big trophy bucks. January migration mule deer hunts with a bow are action packed and our late season October and November hunts are great choices for the buck of a lifetime.

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