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Big Game Hunting Trips

1650 Outfitters that offer Big Game Hunting Trips found.We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. The best deer, elk, bear and other big game outfitters in Texas, Colorado and beyond are right here on Guidefitter.
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Lapham Outfitters
Big Game Hunts in MontanaFrom $500.00 to $4,100.00

Jackson • HUNTING: We offer 7 day Big Game combination hunts for elk and deer! As well as specialized antelope and moose hunts! Hunting accommodations are in cabins here at the ranch and meals are provided when you are staying with us. We have 7,000 acres of our own land and we also utilize the national forest land behind our ranch. During the big game hunts we use 4-wheel drives to access the hunt areas and all the hunting is done on foot. We also use 4-wheel drives on our fishing and varmint hunting trips. We use our horses and mules for packing out big game in the fall, but no horse hunting is involved.

Low Country Hunting Lodge
Afternoon-Night Hog HuntFrom $600.00 to $1,125.00

Garnett • Wild hog hunting has become very popular as out of state hunters have learned what we in the low country have known for a while – that wild pigs are smart, tough animals that are extremely fun and exciting to hunt; they also taste great! To get that big wild boar, the best way to do it is our afternoon/night hog hunt which is available all year long. With the help of our many trail cameras, we will determine when the pigs are moving the best and then arrange to have you in the stand during those times. We usually start the hunt approximately 2 before dark to take advantage of any afternoon daylight movement, then leave you in the stand for another 4 hours after dark to capitalize on the nocturnal tendencies of wild pigs to provide our hunters with the best opportunities to shoot a monster. On all hunts, you will use one of our Savage .308 bolt action rifles equipped with the latest ATN X-Sight II or ATN 4K Pro Day/Night scopes. Season Dates -Year Round-

Daytime Combo Whitetail Deer & Hog HuntFrom $770.00 to $770.00

Garnett • Our Combination Whitetail Deer & Hog Hunt is for the hunter who likes the opportunity to harvest multiple types of animals. Hunters are placed in elevated stands overlooking bait piles, food plots or travel corridors on both a morning and evening sit with the evening sits being the most productive for hogs on this hunt due to their nocturnal nature. Hunt Includes - home cooked meals, comfortable lodging, linens, game retrieval, transportation to and from the hunting locations. Season Dates -August 15th to January 1st

White River Guide Service
Nevada Trophy HuntsFrom $2,000.00 to $6,500.00

Ely • There is nothing like hunting Elk in the rut! NV archery hunts start in mid August and run through the middle of September. These hunts are truly awesome to say the least. Nevada rifle hunts take place in November with an early hunt and a late hunt. Trophy Mule Deer are probably the most sought after big game trophy right now. Monster mule deer are tough to find and even tougher to harvest. We hunt the best trophy units. These units will typically produce bucks in the 180" range, but they also have the ability to produce giant bucks. We have world class hunts for Mountain Lions! If you have ever wanted the opportunity to harvest a lion, now is the time to make it happen. Nevada has some BIG cats and with over 25 years of hunting them, we are very confident that we can make it happen for you. Antelope hunts in our areas are really low pressure, fun hunts. We have plenty of bucks and most units can produce bucks in the 80" range.

Red Bluff Lodge
Turkey HuntFrom $600.00 to $925.00

South Carolina • Red Bluff Lodge was founded in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. We are located in the heart of one of the most pristine regions in the United States, the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our focus is on customer satisfaction coupled with an understanding of wildlife management. We strive to provide our hunting guests with their greatest opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, hog and alligator on some 4,000 acres under management. Guests can enjoy an exciting morning of turkey hunting hunting with an expert guide or they can try to outwit a gobbler on their own. Morning turkey hunts are combined with afternoon or night hog hunting to provide a unique hunting experience.

Deer HuntFrom $550.00 to $550.00

South Carolina, United States • Red Bluff Lodge was founded in 1998 as a full-service shooting sports and hunting destination specializing in high quality deer, hog, alligator, and turkey hunts. We are located in the heart of one of the most pristine regions in the United States, the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Our focus is on customer satisfaction coupled with an understanding of wildlife management. We strive to provide our hunting guests with their greatest opportunity to harvest deer, turkey, hog and alligator on some 4,000 acres under management. The Lowcountry is blessed with a very high deer density. Our hunting is done from safe and comfortable welded steel tower stands with marine grade canvas skirting and tops. The average shot is 125 yards.

Huntfluent Guide Service
Black Bear Hunting in OregonFrom $300.00 to $650.00

Oregon • Spring Black Bear & Fall Black Bear Hunt

Roosevelt Elk Hunting in OregonFrom $850.00 to $950.00

Oregon • Archery OTC Tag & Rifle Controlled Hunt

Deer Hunting in OregonFrom $200.00 to $550.00

Oregon • Blacktail Archery & Rifle Hunt

Devil's River Outfitters
Rio Turkey HuntsFrom $1,200.00 to $1,800.00

Sonora • We offer both fully and semi-guided hunts for turkey with a bag limit of two mature Toms. We conveniently have some of the largest pecan and oak roosts in the area, housing huge numbers of these beautiful birds. This, paired with intense management on a yearly basis, allows for some of the best turkey hunting in Texas year in and year out.

Whitetail HuntStarting from $250.00

Sonora • All of our whitetail hunts are fully guided with a one to one guide to hunter ratio. We do our best to cater to every individuals hunting preference, offering blinds over fields, clearings and feeders, as well as rattling and spot and stalk during the rut. We book our hunts throughout the season, starting on October 1st and ending January 15th.

Full Scope Outfitters
Brown Bear Hunting in AlaskaFrom $22,500.00 to $26,000.00

Kodiak • We hunt in an area that we are the only guides able to hunt this private area. We are nestled in between to national parks, and have the largest run of salmon in Alaska.

Alaska/Yukon Moose Hunting in AlaskaFrom $16,500.00 to $22,500.00

Alaska • Our Moose are known to be the largest moose in Alaska, we keep our camps small to provide you with the best chance of tagging the moose of a lifetime.

Otter Creek Outfitters
Big Game Hunt - Specialising in Trophy quality animals.From $4,000.00 to $8,000.00

Spiritwood • TROPHY WHITE TAIL DEER and BLACK BEAR HUNTS -Average gross score of bucks harvested last three years is 165 inches -Very limited number of hunters. -EXTENSIVE use of trail cameras. -6 full hunting days. $8,000.00 USD -limited number of hunts left for next season. Spring bear hunts in May, 5 day spring bear hunt at $ 3750.00 Includes fishing license and use of boat and motor. 100% opportunity on these hunts!!

Texas Trophy Whitetails, LLC
Texas Rio Grande Turkey HuntFrom $1,500.00 to $1,750.00

Sonora • We can offer you some of the finest Texas Rio Grande Spring turkey hunting trips in the country on our private hunting ranches. Our location here in Sutton County is claimed to be "the number one county for wild turkeys in the state of Texas". Our private lands are loaded with Rio Grande turkeys as we incorporate a year round supplemental feeding program with access to water and food 365 days a year. In addition, large live oak acorn trees, and open grassy meadows provide plenty of roosting trees and quality natural forbs and insects for a very large, sustainable turkey population on our properties. Your Texas Rio Grande turkey hunt allows you one or two birds. Fully guided archery or gun hunts, and non-guided turkey hunts are available. We pride ourselves on customer service and will work hard to satisfy you during your stay. If you need anything, just ask. We want you to have a hunt of a lifetime!

Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer HuntFrom $1,750.00 to $3,500.00

Sonora • Texas trophy whitetail deer hunting in the Hill Country, near Sonora, TX. We specialize in free range private land archery and rifle hunts in one of the highest deer density areas in the world! With deer densities as high as one deer per every 3 to 10 acres, this area comprises nearly 40% of the entire whitetail deer population in the state of Texas. With large low fence neighboring ranches, limited hunting pressure, and proper management, you are ensured a high quality hunting experience with lots of trophy bucks. Texas is an excellent destination to take a trophy whitetail deer. Our whitetail deer hunting is done over corn and protein feeders, as well as water sources strategically placed for the right winds giving you the best chance for success. Bowhunting and rifle hunts can be accommodated. All inclusive hunt packages. Custom hunts available upon request.

Green Farm Guide Service
Maine moose huntsFrom $1,000.00 to $2,000.00

Stratton • Moose are one of the largest game animals in America that you may get a chance to hunt. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to take a moose. I have been guiding moose hunts since '99. Including hunts myself, I have helped harvest 39 moose in that time. In June 2012, I finished 2nd in the World (Maine) Invitatioal Moose Calling Championship and tried again in 2015 for a 3rd place finish. Generally, we will spend time calling and searching for moose in cuts. The moose will be looking for love, food, drink and a place to rest. We may walk a short distance or we may hunt close to the vehicles, the choice is yours. If you would like a more traditional hunt, be advised that a moose harvested deep in the forest takes a lot of time and effort to retrieve. We will often hunt in areas we can still get a jeep or 4 wheeler in to assist with retrieval. I guide in WMDs 7, 8, 4 & 1 regularly and have guided other WMDs as well. Please note the Maine moose hunt is a lottery hunt. I may also have information regarding lodge permits. This hunt includes meals, lodging, guide and PERMIT.

Maine Black Bear huntsFrom $1,200.00 to $1,300.00

Stratton • In 2016 I secured my first lease of 9000 acres and set 10 bait sites. We had a successful season with all 5 of my hunters seeing bear. Two of them harvested and 1 miss while the others only saw sows with cubs. I'm now leasing around 17500a with 15-17 bait sites. Last year (2022) had its challenges with tons of mast for the bears, but after talking with others in the area, we actually did pretty good! I spoke with one guy who said they had 3 of 10 hunters successful and only 2 others even saw bear. Knowing the challenge, my goal was 3 bear for the 6 hunters. With 4 of the 6 having opportunities, we managed 2 harvested, 1 clean miss and 1 wounded, but unfortunately 2 never saw bear. Pretty good considering. Our hunters will have 2 bait sites to hunt. You have your choice of a tree stand or blind at 2 sites. Some sites may have a blind and a stand at them this year. Generally, people do a treestand on one and a ground blind at the other. I will generally take just 3 hunter a week.

Maine deer huntsFrom $175.00 to $1,000.00

Stratton • We offer Maine deer hunts, big woods trophy hunts and one on one hunts. All of our hunts are limited to three (3) on one unless discussed in advance. Hunts are generally in WMD 7 and 8. Here the deer population took a hit several years ago. With mild winters and hunting pressure down over the last few years, deer populations are coming back. Deer hunts are from stands and blinds, with some stalking. All stands are set over natural areas, and trails. All of our hunts are customized to you and your party. There will be no other hunters / parties guided during the time you have booked.

LL DD Ranch & Outfitters
Mule Deer Hunt in TexasFrom $500.00 to $10,000.00

Texas • Mule Deer Hunts will take place on our private owned ranch located in the rugged mountains of South West Texas next to the beautiful Rio Grande located in the Big Bend Area. We offer a true fully guided spot and stalk hunt where we will be hunting low fence free range mule deer, we have strict limit of hunts every year to keep pressure on the game to a minimum, from management bucks to trophy bucks our guides will always go the extra mile to make your hunt successful, and a true hunt of a lifetime!

Hog Hunting in TexasFrom $300.00 to $1,000.00


Support Vessels of Alaska, Inc.
Adak Island Caribou Hunting in AlaskaFrom $4,250.00 to $5,100.00

Kodiak • Our vessel-based Adak caribou hunts are a truly unique adventure; caribou, duck, and ptarmigan hunting, along with fishing. NO bears! No biting insects! No thorny brush! Caribou numbers reaching record numbers! The Adak caribou numbers are extremely high with most animals concentrated in the hard to access areas of the Island. With our vessel-based hunts, you will find yourself at these hard to reach places, giving you the opportunity to experience some of the best hunting and fishing Alaska has to offer. These vessel-based hunts offer hunters more than just fantastic un-guided caribou hunting opportunities. The fishing, duck and ptarmigan hunting add to the experience. Halibut, Rock fish, and other tasty deep-sea fish await the angler looking to add to their experience. For more of a variety, try doing some sea duck hunting. It's your trip, you decide, our crew is there to assist you.

LOH Outfitters
Trophy Elk HuntFrom $4,900.00 to $12,500.00

New Mexico, United States • Choose between our different hunt choices to best accomadate your desires. From a 4 wheel drive accessible wall tent hunt, or a 5 star lodge, to an incredible horseback bow hunt in Unit 16B, in the middle of the pristine Gila Wilderness. We have a 100% success rate on this hunt, with 300" - 400" trophy bulls.

Trophy Pronghorn HuntFrom $3,000.00 to $3,500.00

Truth Or Consequences • Join us on the hunt of a lifetime where we are 100% on kills for pronghorn!

Trophy Mule Deer HuntStarting from $3,950.00

Truth or Consequences • If you're looking for a chance at a monster mule deer, look no further!

Monster Whitetail Outfitters
Iowa Archery Hunts 10/1-12/5/19 (5 day hunts) open ended huntsFrom $2,700.00 to $3,500.00

Cincinnati • Iowa is the place to be in order to seek out the BIGGEST whitetails in the world! All of our hunts are indeed open ended. This means you can add additional days to your hunt for an additional 15% of the booking cost each day in case if we need additional time to harvest your buck! Very low pressure hunting so we are able to offer this. 4,600 acres in Zone 5 of Iowa which has a well known reputation for mature bucks! Lodging and meals are included in our hunts!

Iowa/Missouri 5 day non rut archery hunt 9/15 - 10/19From $2,300.00 to $2,500.00

Unionville • A fully guided 5 day archery hunt that includes lodging and meals!! No trophy fees!! Free Range!! All of our hunts are "open ended" which means if for whatever reason we do not harvest an animal within the original hunt dates, you may purchase each additional day at just 15% of the hunt cost to ensure a higher success! 130" minimum on Missouri Whitetails Contact me @ 641.888.0742 for dates and pricing!

IOWA RUT ARCHERY (5 DAY HUNTS) 10/30-12/1From $3,200.00 to $3,500.00

Cincinnati • 5 day hunt Fully guided Lodging and meals are INCLUDED!!! NEVER lose a deposit with us! Iowa is the place to archery hunt during the rut and there are GIANTS here! Call 641.888.0742 for more information!

Missouri/Iowa Archery, Gun, Muzzleloader Hunts, lodging and meals includedFrom $2,700.00 to $3,800.00

Cincinnati • Located in NE Missouri and Zone 5 of Southern Iowa We offer low pressure Whitetail, Eastern Turkey, Predator and Waterfowl hunts! ALL PRIVATE GROUND!! Call 641.888.0742 for dates and prices

Rut Archery Deer Hunting in MissouriFrom $3,200.00 to $3,200.00

Unionville • 5 day Lodging and meals included Fully guided Putnam county Missouri 9,200 acres

BR Outfitters
Whitetail Deer HuntingStarting from $2,000.00

Kansas • We are a small operation by choice. We are focused on you, your friends and your family. We get enjoyment from having someone harvest the biggest deer of their life than money could ever buy. $2000.00 for six days of hunting, muzzleloader, bow/crossbow, rifle for the Kansas rut. We have 22+ stands and ground blinds over 2000+ acres, each stand is 18 feet up for proper scent control. All feeders, cameras, and minerals begin months prior to your hunt. We only book up to 8 hunters per week, at the most.

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